Doug Goodman

Doug Goodman

After teaching high school algebra and coaching two sports (football and baseball) for five years, Doug Goodman joined Crow's Hybrid Corn Company in 1979. After a few months as a district sales manager, he spent the remainder of his term with Crow's as a regional sales manager for Indiana and Michigan. Late in 1984, Doug joined Callahan Enterprises as a regional sales manager for their retail seed business. Then, in 1988 he switched to Callahan's Seed Trade Division and began to offer soybean varieties to companies in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas.

In December of 1993, Doug joined Peterson Genetics. After about three years, a new era began with the introduction of Roundup Ready Soybeans. That was the first of many rapid changes/technologies that have been introduced in over two decades. Doug is looking forward to beginning his 24th sales season as a member of Mike Peterson's team. Doug's new responsibilities will include management of special marketing projects, technical updates through podcasts, and technical support.

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