About Us

Peterson Genetics, Inc., is the leading provider of soybean germplasm to the North American soybean seed trade. Our company was founded in 1976, and we've been working with seed companies from our location in Cedar Falls, Iowa for more than 40 years.

Soybean research and development is the key to our success, and our primary providers of new and improved varieties (Midwest Oilseeds Inc and MS Technologies LLC) bring unparalleled levels of performance for our customers to promote.


What We Do

office buildingThere are over 120 retail soybean seed companies in the United States and Canada. Very few of these companies have their own internal breeding programs. As the complexity of advanced breeding increases, so do the costs and the barriers to having small, internal breeding programs. Peterson Genetics is, in essence, a way for seed companies to “outsource” their breeding and product development programs. Our sales and support staff analyze hundreds of thousands of varieties each year, find the very best ones, and license the genetic material to these 120 seed companies. The seed companies, in turn, test, multiply, and eventually sell these new and improved varieties to their customers, under their own brand names.

We have a fun, energetic, professional staff (the best in the business!); we enjoy a deep pipeline of new and improved soybean varieties carrying the most advanced traits; and we have a truly wonderful group of customers who are considered friends as well as business associates.

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Mike Peterson
Owner and CEO