Earl Barnaal

Earl Barnaal

Account Executive 320.234.5904  PHONE
320.234.6273  FAX

Earl Barnaal is an Account Executive for Peterson Genetics, licensing elite soybean genetics with the latest traits across North America.  His passion for breakthrough genetics and technology, in soybeans, began at an early age. Growing up on a 400 acre farm in Southwestern Minnesota, he understood that problematic weeds required strong hands, and soybean diseases like Iron Chlorosis Deficiency (IDC) were challenging! A graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University, with a B.S. in Business Management, Earl has spent the past 30+ years researching and providing recommendations on soybeans (and yes, even corn) across North America.

Over the last twenty-five years, Earl has devoted his time to the seed industry, where his main focus has been evaluating soybean genetics and traits that agriculture would need to support an increasing global population.

While Earl’s passion is soybeans, he’s been known to share a few fishing stories and anxiously awaits a Super Bowl for his favorite team!


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