Sudden Death Syndrome Alert

posted by Doug Goodman on Tuesday, August 30, 2016

SDS disease pressureRecently, Ben Peterson and Dave Denby have encountered significant SDS disease pressure in West Central Illinois and North Central Iowa. These foliar symptoms are occurring much sooner than normal, which could be an indication of a severe outbreak as the season progresses.

The photo below was taken near Iowa Falls, IA on July 25th.

Key Factors:

  1. Early planting dates (April & early May)
  2. Cool soil temperatures along with saturated soils soon after the soybean seed was planted, allowing fusarium to colonize the root system soon after germination... See root photo below
    XB Yang - Iowa State University
  3. Saturated soils for an extended period of time during the late vegetative and early reproductive stages of development triggers the onset of Sudden Death Syndrome.

Symptoms (such as the "tiger-striped leaves" seen above) typically appear first in waterways and in compacted areas of the field, such as headlands.

Your Peterson Genetics Team is scouting locations with heavy SDS pressure to take accurate field tolerance notes

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